Top 5 Christmas Items You Can Sell on eBay

Top 5 Christmas Items You Can Sell on eBay

Scarcity Manager offers an eBay Best Seller Research Function on its Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus Platforms. This comes as an add on with any of the above three platforms. We have designed this feature with drop shippers and importers in mind. If you are stumped with what niches to focus on for your eBay business, this video is a live walk through of 5 top items in the Christmas category for 2022.

Let us show you how easy it is to use our eBay Best Seller Research Feature to find some hot selling items to cash in on the seasonal Christmas Trend. We won’t just show you the eBay listings, we will drill into the purchase history and show you how many units they are have already sold, this far out before Christmas.

Transcribe of Top 5 Christmas Items You Can Sell on eBay

In this video we’re going to show you how to use the eBay bestseller research ⁣feature to take advantage of certain trends that might be occurring. We’ve just had Halloween and the next one obviously is Christmas. So let’s jump quickly⁣ over to Google Trends. Now here we can see we’re⁣ doing Australia here and this data is we’ve selected ⁣for the past five years. So you can see obviously⁣a massive spike up and over the last five years we⁣ have seen a gradual increase in online sales in this area. Now this makes sense ⁣because we are moving away from bricks and mortar to online sales and of course with the pandemic⁣ that has upped even more. So with that information in mind let’s have a look at what ⁣Christmas decorations and that whole area may⁣have to offer us as sellers.

So we’ll hop over here to this feature which if you don’t remember, 43 ⁣you find it by going to your eBay dashboard dropdown ⁣menu, selecting research and go to eBay Best sellers. So here we are. I’m just going to stop. I’m going to start rather⁣ on the fifth category and work my way up to category number one. And then at the end I’m⁣ also going to show you how to reverse the process,⁣looking at an eBay seller finding the category numbers ⁣and how to make best use of how eBay gives us these ⁣category numbers to drill down and find what’s selling best⁣in each of these categories. So we’re going to start⁣ with window decorations.

I’ve already typed that in here. This is under home and garden. As you can see, it’s parent⁣ category is seasonal decoration window decoration. So we’re going to click on that. As it says, please be a bit patient. There’s a lot of data to bring up so we’ll just wait while ⁣it brings up our data. Okay here. So now you can see here the ⁣categories, window decorations. For this particular example for all the examples ⁣we’re using Australia. Okay, so we are going to have a look here at this one right here. Of course, you’re welcome to look at all of the results that get brought up. So this one is some snow⁣s pray that is being sold.

They’ve sold 232 of these and right now it’s selling for 25, 46. However, they were selling this for more. If we click on the cell history You can see starting here⁣ backwards for about 90 days. We have the 9th of November,⁣and this is already a pretty hot cellar snow spray. So that is in the category ⁣of window decorations and the seller’s name, et cetera. Okay, that’s category number five. So let’s take a look. We’re going to go back. Now to go back, you can⁣ click on view categories alternative, you can also ⁣press the back button. Okay, for our fourth⁣ category, we are going to do advent calendars.

So I’ve gone ahead and typed ⁣the category number in. That’s 1 5 6 8 1 1 5 6 8 1 3. As you can see under seasonal⁣ decorations, advent calendars. So we’ll just wait while we⁣draw that data in from eBay. Okay, so here we’re going to ⁣look at two different advent calendars. Now, anyone with⁣ kids knows they absolutely have to have an advent calendar. So they are actually big ⁣sellers and if you can cash in on like a trend, that’s⁣an even better thing. So I’ve noticed here ⁣there’s a big thing going on Robert Ducky Advent calendar. So if you click on this one ⁣here, it’s got a countdown advent calendar with rubber ducks for kids like a bath toy set⁣that’s doing really well.

If you click on Honey items we’ve sold you can see scrolling back here. We’ve got the 8th of November and they are selling very well, selling⁣ at different prices. And it looks like they’ve actually seen⁣ we’ve got a lot of sales. They’ve only come back ⁣to the 3rd of October. It looks like they’ve actually ⁣been increasing the price as it gets closer to Christmas. So that’s one. And then let’s have another look at Pokemon is doing quite well. So we’ll click on this one here. Okay, hundred and nine sold says 1899. Again, last date is the eighth they sold. And as you can see, it’s a hot seller.

Now this one is remaining⁣ consistently at $19. It’s selling for rather than starting low and ramping up higher, but ⁣they’ve got a good decent amount of sales history on that and we are only just starting⁣ to ramp up for Christmas. So that’s another good trend. And that’s under the ⁣category of advent calendars. Okay, for this category,⁣we are going to do ornaments. It’s 1 66 7 2 5. Let’s see here. Seasonal decoration ornaments. Okay, we’re going to look at two here. We’re going to look at a hanging santa and⁣a little Christmas tree. So this is it here. No it’s not. There you go. Okay, so this one is sold 489. Click On this.

You can see that’s a ⁣good hot seller similar to the rubber ducky advent calendar. This one is starting off at 2150 and then they looks like⁣ getting closer to Christmas. They’ve actually started to ⁣increase the price a little bit on this hanging center. That one’s doing really well. Okay, and we also wanted⁣ to take a little look at this little miniature Christmas tree. Okay, now is coming in variations. Now you will notice, especially⁣ as we go into the higher-up categories, the ones ⁣that are selling really well there is quite a few ⁣examples given that are in the form of multi-variation listings.

So don’t be scared of doing BLS if you don’t do them already. We don’t charge for them. We only charge per⁣listing, not for variation. So in effect, your MVLs and your multi-variation listings ⁣are updated for free. So it’s a good thing to take advantage of. And of course we’ve got instructions of how you can get variations set up. It’s not that hard. Okay, so let’s have a look. 360 sold. And you can see the different⁣ variations that are selling. So obviously the price⁣is reflective of that. However, the point is⁣those are selling very well and we are only just beginning as our graph on Google trend shows.

We’re only just beginning the incline to the peak for this trend ⁣of selling Christmas items. Okay, so that’s our item. Now we are going on to number two. So let’s go back, and get back to categories. And for this one, we are ⁣going to do Christmas trees. That’s 1 1, 7, 4 1 4 Christmas trees. Okay, so we’ve got ⁣category Christmas trees. Now I’ve got two examples ⁣to show you two examples and that actually happens ⁣to be the same cell. So the second one from⁣ the top is OS River. And like I said, many of⁣ these are given in variations. So don’t be, don’t be put off by variations is a ⁣great opportunity there.

There has got sell 373 solves. We’ll click on that so we can see all the⁣ variations that they’re selling and the price. So we’re going from, some of⁣them are $200 down to 69, 99 depending on the size of the tree. That’s a good seller. And as we said, we’re only ⁣just beginning the incline to the real rush on Christmas items. So let’s have a look at the second one. Now, the second one is a⁣ white Christmas tree, again comes in variations and⁣it is the same seller also a good seller ⁣clicking on the history. You can see here, in fact it’s actually even a better⁣ cellar than the green tree.

There you go. Okay. Now obviously feel ⁣free to check out any of the other items, but there ⁣are two that we honed in on for the category of ⁣Christmas trees, right? Let’s now go to our top category which is seasonal decorations itself. Now what we want to show you here’ll help you make better use of the eBay bestseller research feature. If you click on a category and just ask for eBay to ⁣bring you those results it’ll just give you the top ⁣results in that category. So I am going to scroll down here and find seasonal decorations.

And here it is here. So if I were to bring up seasonal⁣ decorations, which I will it will bring up the top sellers that are in all the child categories ⁣underneath that, which is great. However, you will be missing out on all the other information,⁣which I’ve already spelled out for you in the ⁣previous four categories. So we went through seasonal decorations which is a child category, Christmas trees another child category ornaments. And we also went through⁣window decorations. So seasonal decorations are going to bring up basically the creme de⁣lare of all of the categories.

So now we’re coming up with our top item to sell ⁣for the Christmas trend. And you’ll see that every⁣single item is a Christmas light of some description whether it is a string light,⁣fairy light, we have light. So if you have a look ⁣here, there are all lights and then going through to the second page. Lights, lights, lights, more lights. Okay, so let’s just take a⁣ quick look at some of those. So we have picked out,⁣I believe this one here. Okay, Oz, local stock. As you can see, they have sold a lot. And this isn’t restricted ⁣to just capitalizing on a Christmas trend because ⁣people like to use lights for all sorts of occasions,⁣sometimes even just permanently around their house and garden.

So if you look at the⁣ purchase history here It is an awesome seller,⁣a lot selling there. And then we also had⁣a, it was this one here exact same stock photo⁣ except another seller, again doing very well with⁣ their sales on this item. It’s scrolling through, you can see and it’s stalling for a decent amount too. Okay? So that is Some insight into items⁣ that are selling really well for the Christmas trend. Now, we want to reverse⁣ engineer how to find something on eBay.

Like say you, you think ⁣you find this item on eBay and you are like, oh, I’d ⁣like to figure out how to find more of that or research ⁣that in the eBay bestseller research feature. So bringing up the listing,⁣you’ll see the seller has put it under these categories here. So we happen to be looking under seasonal decoration. And if you look in the bottom ⁣left of your screen down here you’ll see the category number is 17 0 90. You could also look for⁣ string lights 38, 2 29. Okay? So that’s an example⁣ of how to reverse engineer to find an item that’s selling⁣ really well for Christmas. Let’s have a look, at Christmas ⁣decorations and put that in action.

So for instance, our Christmas ⁣trees, okay, so we’ve gone through this. This was our second top category. They’re also using another⁣ category, so it can be under they’ve put under party decorations. So if we hover over Christmas ⁣trees, you’ll see the category number in the bottom left, 1 1 17 4 1 4. And then you could go back to your Homepage for the eBay hot⁣ product research feature. 1 17, 404, boom, there’s⁣ your Christmas trees. And here if you have a look,⁣is that actual listing. Okay, I hope you found ⁣this top five Christmas items video helpful that it⁣can give you some insight on how to use Guessi manager’s eBay best-selling ⁣research function, a link a video on how to use this ⁣research feature below.

If you want to have a look at the specific video we have to show you exactly HOW to use this feature and navigate around we have a link for that video below.

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