5 Top eBay Niches

This video uses Scarcity Managers ‘eBay Best Sellers Research Tool’ to take a look at 5 top niches.

This video uses Scarcity Managers ‘eBay Best Sellers Research Tool’ to take a look at 5 top niches.
We will dive into 5 categories and identify certain niches that reveal top selling items that have sold literally thousands of times in some cases.

This research shows arbitrage opportunities for drop shippers and importers.
From eBay stores in Australia, USA and the UK.

Items selling well in other countries on eBay can be applied as arbitrage opportunites in your own country as well.
The opportunities will cover low cost, mid cost and higher end priced items.

Transcribe of 5 Top eBay Niches


Okay, for our first category, we’re actually choosing ⁣not a niche category but an entire category,⁣which is musical instruments. So let’s go ahead and click on that. Now, the reason we’re ⁣choosing musical instruments is it’s a great demonstration of how you can actually get⁣results for various countries if that eBay seller is ⁣choosing to, you know sell an Australia for instance,⁣so in multiple countries not just where they’re based. So we’re going to take a⁣look at those examples.

Okay, so let’s explain. So we have for a category here we clicked on musical instruments. It is defaulting here⁣ to Australia, however you can change it to whatever ⁣country you would like. Now, if the eBay seller is⁣ selling in more than one country then their results will show⁣ up in this search result. So you’ll see as I go through here. So let’s start with this here. So this is, we’re using⁣ this to begin with as well because it’s got very cheap⁣items, higher ticket items here and then more medium priced items in between as well to choose from.

So some people like very, very cheap items especially if they want to import. This item here is coming ⁣from China, very cheap. As you can see, price has ⁣been given in U S D and here in a u d here it’s showing ⁣it’s sold over 16,000 times. So this isn’t just an ⁣opportunity for importers. It could also be those who are ⁣drop shipping may want to look for a supplier of such an item like this. It could be a good arbitrage. Well, let’s go back to our results. Okay, let’s look, take⁣a look at some others.

The second one here is a Rockville mic. It’s sold 5,963 times for $66 60. So let’s click on that. Now again, this is a US based eBay seller as you can see here. However, they’re choosing⁣ to also sell to Australia. So that’s why this data is coming up here. However, people in first-world countries do⁣tend to buy the same things. Therefore, what is doing well⁣in the USA and UK for example would also stand to do well⁣in Australia and vice versa.

So this data is good for⁣ those in in the states. However, also good for those in other countries to ⁣pay attention to as well. Let’s go back to our results ⁣and look what else we have. So let’s have a look. Okay, this is something a⁣little bit higher priced. We have a silver flute with⁣ Yamaha pads that’s sold over 3000 times for just under $160. If we take a look at that,⁣that’s another US based product. However, again, could be⁣a good arbitrage for those in other countries or a good ⁣opportunity for someone.

One of our customers in,⁣in the United States, again you can have a look here and click on their, ⁣sold history to see how many they’ve they’ve sold recently. Okay, let’s have a look at this one here. We have an electronic keyboard ⁣that is sold 2,549 times for $106 95. Let’s click on that listing. Now, this is an Aussie seller. It is indeed OZ Plaza for those in the know AZ plaza is⁣actually drop ship zone. So there’s plenty of examples⁣ where Oz Plaza is selling.

Sorry about that. So that’s an easy, an easy buy because you know you can get these items from drop ship zone. So let’s have a look. Let’s say they’ve sold⁣it 2,500, 2,549 times. So we click on that and we can bring up⁣their purchase history. Here we go. Not only can we bring up their⁣ purchase history, however you can also see with the price if they are trending in any sales on this item or in work out ⁣the average that it’s sold for. And we can scroll back and⁣get the most recent data on what sold this data here⁣i s going back 120 days.

Okay, so that’s a good that’s a good example of ⁣something that’s doing really well for Australian sellers. Again, good opportunity for other countries as well to take a look at. Okay, let’s just ⁣look at one more example of what’s doing well in the⁣musical instrument category. Okay, let’s take a look at this guitar frat crowning ⁣tool that has sold 2,453 times for $55 and 32 cents. And this is an example of ⁣something doing well in the uk. Again, awesome arbitrage opportunity for Aussie sellers, US⁣ sellers, Canadian sellers alike and you can click on their⁣sold history as well.

Okay, so that’s that for this category. Let’s have a look at the next category. Okay, for this final category we are going to do another ⁣home and garden category. And we are going to do a⁣child category that comes under yard garden and outdoor living. So we’re going to go ahead and type in the category ⁣number right away. Okay, so see we’ve got parent ⁣category, home and garden and then a child category under that yard garden and outdoor living. And then we’re going to go and ⁣click on this subcategory under this chart category⁣ watering equipment.

Okay, we’ll wait while⁣it brings up the results. Okay, so as you can see here we have the category watering equipment. We’re doing Australia, right? So at the top here we⁣have a high-pressure pump that is sold over⁣ 6,000 times for $279. Let’s take a look at that. Okay, this one’s sold by Edison’s. You can see they’ve sold ⁣6,500 and 556 for $279. Let’s go back to and ⁣see what else we’ve got. It’s worth measuring⁣as well with this item. Let’s just quickly jump back into it that it’s not actually branded.

So if you scroll down here and take a look it says brand unbranded and ⁣that’s often a good opportunity for those who are, who are importing and you don’t want to be held⁣back by problem with brands. This is an UNBRAND item and⁣it’s the top rating seller. So that’s a good opportunity. Obviously it’s also good for those who are doing virtual⁣inventory i e drop shipping.

Okay, let’s take a look⁣at the second one down. This looks like a solar-powered water⁣fountain of some description. Yep. Okay, this one’s⁣selling for Aus Auction another eBay mega store for,⁣ you know, a more moderate price for those interested in lower price items. Yeah, I’m pretty sure⁣this is unbranded as well. Let’s have a look. Quick look. Yep, that’s also unbranded for those who might be⁣interested in importing. Okay, let’s go back. Okay, so now we have two protege pumps.

Again, Edisons. So although it does say protege in this listing and they ⁣do have it stamped here if we come and look down ⁣here at the item specifics it does actually say unbranded. So that’s worth noting as opposed to one of the further ones down which is a Giants that is⁣actually a properly branded item. We’ll go have a look at that one next. This one sold 4,680 times. Let’s go back to our results. Okay, so those are those ⁣two there differing prices. Now these next two items⁣are Giants, which is a brand as some of you may be aware,⁣belongs to drop ship zone.

Hence why it’s sold by OS Plaza Living being ⁣owned by drop ship zone. So this one is sold for, let’s⁣see, 3,724 times for $59 95. So this is a lower price pump. Let’s take a look at⁣its sold history here. Okay, so if we scroll through see it’s consistently being⁣ sold for 59 95, last one 30th of March, which is today of course. And we scroll and scroll and ⁣scroll and scroll some more. And we are at the bottom⁣and we’re still in March. So that one’s selling really well that would be a hundred results and we haven’t even gone⁣back into February yet.   

So that’s a great item to consider. And then underneath we have⁣another one for Oz Plaza. And this is a IOT ticket item⁣ also, you know, 3,243 sold. So that’s also doing really well. Okay, for this category we are⁣ going to go into pet supplies and this one will just find⁣ it manually, it’s easy to do. So pet supplies and then child, whoops Daisy child category ⁣under that will be dogs. And then we’re going to look at cages click on that and we’ll⁣bring up our search results. Now these results are only going to bring up results for eBay ⁣sellers here in Australia.

And I think this is due⁣to the size of the items. We’ll also take note that the, the top I think it’s four sellers⁣are actually Oz Plaza which is drop ship zone. So they’re monopolizing this area here for dog cages crates slash kennels. Okay, so as you can see,⁣we’re in the category of cages and it has default, well we⁣are choosing this country if you wanted to change it to if you are in Canada, UK or ⁣usa, you can change that there. Now I do want to point out⁣that the maximum results eBay is now allowing us to pull is 20. So we can’t do more⁣than that unfortunately.

However, hey, these are the top 20 sellers so that should be what ⁣you’re interested in. So let’s have a look here. These 1, 2, 3, 4 are all⁣to have a look being sold by the eBay seller, Oz Plaza,⁣which is drop ship zone. So this is something that⁣ can be sourced readily through Drop GY zone obviously. And this has sold 3,199 times since the listing first came up. Let’s have a look at⁣the results that gives. Now as you’ll see, there’s a I think there is 100 ⁣listings, sorry, 100 results that are showing just the⁣majority is from March.

So this, this is a really good seller. So you can see we’re ⁣scrolling, scrolling, scrolling and still scrolling. And we’re still that here. We’ve come into Feb and now we’re at the end of the data eBays giving us. So the last six are from February. So that means we have in March 94 of these dog kennel slash cages ⁣have sold in varying sizes which you can even collect that data. So that’s a really great seller. Let’s go back. Now, let’s just note that this⁣is a multi-variation listing and it is coming with either just the cage or they’re also offering with⁣a cushion or with a cover.

So they’ve got those different variables as you can see here in ⁣the picture cushion cover. So that’s a really great seller. And yeah, you guys, you can⁣ compete with job ship zone. So let’s go get rid of that and go back. So these other ones are the ⁣same, the exact same product. The only difference with this one here is it is⁣only selling the 48 inch. So that’s the extra extra large and that’s why it’s a higher amount here. Still a great seller as you⁣ can see here with the data.

Okay, let’s look at some other things. Okay, so these are all with ⁣Plaza and then we come down here we have a higher ticket item $346 95 and it’s sold 866 times and⁣it looks like a enclosure. Yep, this is being sold by Oz⁣Auction for a whopping $346 95. And here you can click and see what their selling history is recent. Okay, so let’s keep going. We’ve got, under that one,⁣we have another enclosure. This one’s being sold by Bargains online for $257 and that is ⁣attracting a big postage fee.

So for those who aren’t worrie d⁣or you know, in timidated by those larger items, there are ⁣some good options here. And we go down to⁣ something a little smaller. Again, have a look at that one. This is selling for $29 90 ⁣and they’ve sold 586 of those. So yeah, there’s some great ⁣opportunities in here. We’ve got another exercise. Will kennel, run Playpen⁣to have a look at this one this one’s sold for 279 and ⁣that’s also bargains online.

So There you go, pet, the⁣ whole pet category is also is always very hot. You know, apparently,⁣ Australians are notorious for spending the most money on their pets of most first-world⁣ countries in the world. So pet, the, the whole pet ⁣category and its child categories and sub categories of that is⁣ always a good option to look out for research on what ⁣might be a good thing to sell on your E based on, okay, ⁣for this niche category we’re going to look at home ⁣organization, which is a child category found under cleaning ⁣an organization and home and garden.

So we can just paste that⁣ category name in here and press enter and here ⁣it is here, click on that. Okay, now we just wait while it⁣ brings up the data from eBay. Okay, well here we have our results. Now this, this niche ⁣category is a good example of some lower-priced items because some of the other categories we’re ⁣going through are pretty high-ticket items. So for those people who ⁣are interested in importing or they’re, you know, a⁣bit reluctant to touch a higher priced item, there’s⁣ some good examples here.

So let’s start with the beginning. So we have these packing cube ⁣storage bags that have been sold. Click on the item ID And there you can see⁣ says it has sold 5,153 since they started selling. Now this is an M V L, only⁣ blue is left in stock. Now for those who are ⁣wondering, okay, you know it’s great to see they’ve sol d⁣all these thousands, however over what time period. So if you click here on ⁣the total numbers sold it will actually give ⁣you, you can scroll down and it gives you the most ⁣recent data of how many of these items has sold.

So you can then work out for yourself. As you can see, it’s a lot. So that’s, that item’s ⁣a pretty good seller. Click the back button. Okay, we’re going to go back to our results. Okay, so now maybe a medium ⁣higher ticket-priced item. A little bit more meat on the bone. We’ve got these clear shoe storage boxes. Good, I wait from that. Okay, again, you can see⁣that the total amount sold on the listing here, if you⁣ want, you can click on that And here is going to give the data⁣ of how many loads have sold.

Now this varies from last 90 days. Usually can be a last 120 days. It can be less if, if the ⁣item is a really hot seller. So, okay, so that’s just one ⁣example of using go up here. The category, the niche category of home organization to ⁣look at possible ideas for what you could sell yourself if you are an importer or a drop shipper. And holding virtual inventory,⁣both are applicable here. So this data is for picking ⁣the results for Australia. However, remember people ⁣in first-world countries tend to buy the same things all around.

So even if you are in the US⁣ or uk, Canada for instance you can use this data for items and sold in your own country as well. Okay, let’s have a look at ⁣the next, the next niche item. Okay, for this final category we are going to do health⁣ and beauty, which is here. We’re going to go and type⁣ in the category number. Okay, so there we have health and beauty and massage is the category,⁣the niche category, category.

We’re going to dive into enter and now we just wait while ⁣it brings up our listings. Okay, so we’ve got the category of massage we’re doing Australia right away. Let’s look at the top item. It’s sold 8,444 times in the time of its listing and it is a⁣jade facial massage roller. So that’s a beauty item. Now this item is actually⁣ coming from the uk as you can see here, selling ⁣for a really low price, 5 69. And it has had, as you⁣ can see, amazing sales.

So if we scroll through quickly last date of purchases ⁣today, 31st of March and we are going down,⁣down, oh, here we go. And there we have, it’s⁣only the 13th of March. We haven’t even broken out⁣of the month of March yet. So great seller. This one could be really good for those who are importing small item and looks like there’s, you⁣ know, a market here in Australia and you can compete with these⁣ people from the UK as a look. Another one, okay, second one⁣down has sold 7,741 times. And this is item is basically ⁣$46 4, 45 99 to be precise.

And this is a massage ⁣tool of some description. Massage wand, this is a⁣great seller selling here and it’s sold over 7,000 ⁣times as we’ve said. Let’s have a look what else I’ve got. Okay, this is some essential⁣oil refill, we’ll skip that. This is a tens machine. Now this, we have another one of these. This time they’re offering get⁣rid of that different colors. So we’ve got white,⁣black, violet and pink. This is from Care max au. Slightly different version.

This has got 30 modes than the ⁣one we looked at previously. So again, a great seller. If you look here at the stats, okay let’s look at some more. Okay, this is some oil, oil. Now we have another massage⁣ gum of some description. Here we go. So there’s super market BF 4,740 sold and it’s selling for 59 99. Now one thing we’ve⁣mentioned in a previous video is you can use the eBay⁣ listing in reverse. It doesn’t capture on the video. However, if you hover⁣over these categories here and then cast your eye to the bottom left-hand ⁣corner of your screen you’ll see the category⁣number is listed by eBay.

They have added for some reason some kind of BN number at the end. So just that’s not the category number. The category number is before that. So let’s say for instance we’re hovering over health and beauty⁣ and cast our eye down. It says the category number is 2 6 3 95 or as you saw previously,⁣I entered in 36 double 47. That’s the category number from massage. So if you’re, you know going through eBay listings, ⁣doing some research don’t forget these categories ⁣up here are really helpful. And then you can go back to your eBay bestseller research function.

Go back to view categories and you can punch in any⁣ category that you like. So we’ll just look at one more item here⁣in this particular area. Now again, we’ve got good⁣ old odds Plaza living which is drop ship zone and they’re selling this massage table which is doing really well. 4,440, sold for just over $200. So we know where to source ⁣those from our dropship users. So as you know, we support drop ship zone and it’s also supported⁣ for supplier repricing. So yeah, that’s just some ideas for you. Hope that was helpful. And that’s the end of this video.

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