Top 6 Items To Sell – eBay

Top 6 Items To Sell – eBay

Scarcity Manager offers an eBay Best Seller Research Function on its Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus Platforms. This comes as an add on with any of the above three platforms.

We have designed this feature with drop shippers and importers in mind.

If you are stumped with what niches to focus on for your eBay business, this video is a live walk through of 6 top items that are selling on eBay in November 2022. We go through 6 different child or sub categories and the top item we look at has sold 25 in a 24 hour period, and 109 in just 6 days!

Let us show you how easy it is to use our eBay Best Seller Research Feature to find some hot selling niches for your eBay business. We won’t just show you the eBay listings, we will drill into the purchase history and show you how many units they are selling over the period eBay is giving us.

If you want to have a look at the specific video we have to show you exactly HOW to use this feature and navigate around we have a link for that video below.

Transcribe of Top 6 Items To Sell – eBay

For this video, we’re going to go through six eBay items ⁣that are selling really well right now. They’re in different categories. The first three are actually in the camping category, but ⁣different child categories. So let’s jump straight in⁣and into that right now. So let’s just back a step. If you dunno how to get to ⁣this feature, you just go to your eBay dashboard⁣ dropdown menu, go to research slide on over to eBay best sellers,⁣and boom, here we are. Okay. So the first category ⁣we’re going to do is camping ovens.

So we’re going to go ahead and type that in. And here we have camping ovens. We’re going to click on that. That’s going to bring up some data for us. Okay, so for this example,⁣instead of honing on one we’re actually going to show you that in the first page ⁣of results, the top 10 there’s actually the⁣ same item three times. So let’s have a look. It’s a 12-volt portable stove for camping. This is it here. This particular seller in the life time of the listing has sold 1040. And then we have not that one. Another one here, same thing. A 12-volt portable oven.

They’ve sold 2035 in the ⁣life of their listing. And then let’s have a⁣look at the last one here. So three on the first 10 listings of everything to do with camping ovens. So this one particular ⁣item is doing really well. This one is a newer listing. They’ve sold 290 if we have a look at their cell history and ⁣just kind of scroll through. Last one was the 18th of⁣ November, and as you can see it’s a pretty good steady seller and that’s just one of the sellers. Okay, so that is the very first item we wanted to show you in the category of camping ovens as you can hear, see here, camping ovens.

Okay, let’s go have a ⁣look at the next category. So we’re going to go back, we’ll⁣ just press a few categories and it’ll take us back to our homepage. The next category we want to⁣ look at, again, camping. We’re a bit of a role here with camping this time⁣is camping furniture. We’ll click on that. Okay, so as you can see here,⁣we’re in camping furniture. Now this one is this second one down here. So you can see they’ve sold 1,112 and the price here says 79.95. So let’s click on that. So this is an aluminum camping ⁣table that folds up in seats. Four people, two benches.

Like we’ve said, they’ve sold 1,112. So let’s click on their cell⁣ history and quick scroll through. Can see, that’s⁣a pretty good seller. Okay? For some reason they had a lot a lot of sales in August. A lot of sales in August. Okay, so that was our⁣ second one again in camping but in a child car category,⁣camping furniture especially that item doing pretty good. And of course, if you have a look here you’ll see that pretty⁣ much the ones that are monopolizing the top are⁣some kind of table is really what’s selling best in that category. So let’s look at our third category,⁣which is again, camping. Okay? This one is in tents.

I think we can actually ⁣just type in tents. Okay? So if we go under ⁣sporting goods tents, okay although this isn’t the tent per se the items that’s doing super well and is priced quite well too, it’s a bit of a higher ticket item,⁣is this travel cover here. So it’s a PVC travel cover⁣ for a camper trailer. So that’s selling for ⁣230, they’ve sold 3,273. The life of the listing have⁣a look at their cell history okay? As you can see,⁣there’s a cell price, 230 last one purchased 18th of November and that’s a good⁣ consistent seller as well. Okay? Getting back to the 17th of July and they’re selling them ⁣consistently for that same price.

Okay? So that was our⁣ third category of an item that’s doing well in ⁣the category of tents. Okay? This top-selling item⁣is in the category, it’s in the parent category out of baby here. And we’re actually ⁣looking at baby monitors. So we’ll go and type that in. There we go. Monitors, that’s 2 0 4 35 ⁣for the category number. Okay? So we have that here. And the item we are ⁣looking at is the very top. So it’s this also in⁣ the category you’ll see of security cameras as well ⁣for the top of the listing. So it’s a baby monitor,⁣but it also has other uses as you can see here, indoor⁣ home baby pet monitor.

So it has sold 1,211 in⁣ the life of the listing. Right now it’s being sold on⁣ sale for 55, 95, 99 rather. And you can see, well,⁣actually they’re selling it for different prices. It was sold for cheaper here, and then now they’ve raised the price. So as you can see, last date⁣ of purchase, just on the 21st of November, they sold two. Yeah, they sold four. And if you look at the⁣ dates, they’re selling Pretty good, very consistently over a fairly short period of time. Goes back to 9th of September. Okay? So that’s our top-selling item in the category of baby monitors. For a second category, we are doing baby.

So we’re using the same⁣ parent category here but we’re doing clots and cribs. So we’re going to type that in. So here baby’s the parent category and we’re using this one, clots and cribs. So we just wait while it brings that up. Okay, so same as the other one. We’re using the top item,⁣which is this one here. Let’s go ahead and click on that. Okay, so in the life of the ⁣listing, they’ve sold 2,642. They are charging something for postage. And if you look at the sale History street it’s a good solid seller for a good price. So now state purchased 20th of November and selling very consistently as you can see back to the 14th of March.

Okay, so that’s our second ⁣item for our top six and that is baby playpens cot bassinet in the category ⁣of clots and cribs. Okay, now let’s get on⁣to our top category. Okay, this is our top item. This item has sold 109 in six days and a whopping 25 and a 24 hour period. So it’s in the health and beauty section and it is straightening,⁣curling irons section. So here we go. Health and beauty is the parent category. Straightening. Curling irons. Let’s open that up. Okay, so here we have it here. The item we are looking at is⁣ this second one from the top. Full disclosure, I actually,⁣when I saw this item I bought one myself for my daughter who’s⁣got a birthday coming up.

So if you have a look they have sold 2,815 for ⁣the life of this listing. And if you click on the ⁣purchase history they’ve got from the 21st of November,⁣if you scroll here they are selling like hot cake cakes. So this data that eBay is giving ⁣is only the last six days. So they’ve sold 109 in ⁣the last six days and on I’ll screenshot that if I can and put that in on the,⁣I believe it is the 17th. In that period, they’ve sold 25 so you can have a look here. Sometimes they’re selling multiples. So this is our top category⁣ under health and beauty with a category of⁣ straightening and curling irons.

This item here, okay I hope you enjoyed this video ⁣and that these are helpful. As always, if you want to ⁣check out the video on how to use our eBay ⁣bestselling research feature I will leave a link to that below.

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