eBay Competitor Price Tracker

eBay Competitor Price Tracker

Transcribe of eBay Competitor Price Tracker

Scarcity Manager’s Price ⁣Tracker can help you stay on top of your competitors on eBay. Firstly, let’s open it up by clicking on the Orange⁣ Price Tracker button. Please note this feature was previously called our Price Helper. There are two strategies⁣ you can choose from. The first feature within our price tracker allows users to match ⁣their competitor’s price. So if you’d like to use this feature you simply tick this box, which⁣ we have highlighted in red. The eBay Competitor Price Tracker monitors and analyzes prices across various platforms to provide real-time insights for informed purchasing decisions.

We will U, we’ll be using the⁣ shelving unit as an example. This item currently has a listing price of $287 and 97 cents. Our closest competitor⁣ has the same item listed for $284 and 99 cents. So I would like to match⁣ my competitor’s price and be alerted when it changes so I can stay abreast of these changes. The next step is entering your minimum and maximum price that you would like to sell your item four here. All you need to do is enter in the item ID of your competitor here.

You can enter in up to five of your competitor item IDS⁣ of those that you enter in. SCS Management will take those that fall into the parameters you have keyed in and use the lowest of that group. Then one, enable it here, and two press the green save button as shown. The next time Scarcity⁣ Manager runs the next sync it will check the price⁣ and give you an alert of what price you should be⁣ maintaining your listing app like. So please note for this demonstration the eBay user ID is partially blurred to protect the identity of this seller and the item ID has also been altered.

There are three other areas⁣ where you’ll be alerted of this price match request. You’ll receive an alert at the top of your member’s area ⁣for all of the listings that you are utilizing this Price Tracker feature with. You’ll see one, your item ID two your current listing price, and three the new suggested price. You’ll also get an alert at the top of your listings on your dashboard like so and larger notice with ⁣the new price suggestion on that listing to grab ⁣your attention as well. Once you’re finished updating⁣ the price to the new one you can press the done button as shown and it will remove this one from your notification⁣list as can be seen here.

If you have not had the ⁣time to update your prices and would like to skip any listings you can press this skip button here. It will remove it temporarily from the Price Tracker alert table and it will reappear when ⁣you reload your page or log in. Again. If you would like to hide ⁣the Price Tracker alert table so it does not clutter up your dashboard you can do so by clicking⁣ on this button here. This is a global button⁣ that will remove this table from your dashboard permanently ⁣until you ticket again if that is your preference. Okay, let’s take a look. A look at another one of⁣ Price Tracker’s features.

Instead of matching your competitors, what if you would like to ⁣stay a certain percentage beneath your competitors? Continuing on with our⁣ Shelving unit example we are going to use this this percentage field ⁣that we have highlighted in Blue to stay beneath our competitors as per the match competitor price example we now have our listings set at $284 and 99 cents to⁣ match our closest competitor. First, let’s enter in the minimum and maximum price we would like ⁣to maintain our listing at. We have again entered 270 and⁣ 350 for the dollar amounts. Next, we enter in any item ⁣IDs of our competitors.

As mentioned for the matching⁣ aspect of the price tracker you can enter up to five item IDs. Scarcity Manager will ⁣take into consideration up to five that you enter ⁣in and use the lowest of those to apply your percentage against. Enter the discount⁣ as a percentage that you would like to maintain⁣ beneath your competitors. For this example, we are asking Scarcity⁣ Manager to alert us to keep our listing 2% below⁣ that of our competitors. Tick the Enable button and⁣press the green save button.

Once Gassi Manager picks ⁣us up on the next sync it will display your competitor item your competitor eBay IDs and their current listing price is shown and give you the new price alert here and here on your listing. After completing our price changes on eBay according to Price⁣ Trackers suggested prices we then sync Guessi manager with eBay to have the latest⁣ prices loaded to the dashboard. Click the request refresh listings button below the price tracker ⁣list of suggestions and wait for the syncing process to complete.

Now you’ll see the latest ⁣prices you adjusted from eBay have loaded ⁣to SCSI Manager as well. Lastly, we have added another ⁣feature to this recently. If you would like to apply a discount to all of your listings⁣ that you have configured in the price tracker,⁣you can use this field and it will apply this discount globally to all of your listings⁣ that you have configured.

For instance, you would ⁣like to stay 1% below on all of the listings you⁣ have enabled and ticked. For this feature, you would enter one and press the green save button. So that is it for the Price Tracker demo. It has those two aspects to help you stay on top of changes in your⁣ competitor’s listing prices. If you have not already done so have a look at our supplier Repricer video on our eBay research or⁣our eBay research video. I’ll link those below.

If you have ever been frustrated at keeping up with what your competitors are doing on eBay, then you may be interested in having a look at Scarcity Managers Price Tracker. Check the eBay Competitor Price Tracker.

Scarcity Manager allows its Platinum Plus users to choose to either MATCH their competitors prices on eBay OR, you can nominate to stay a certain percentage below your competitors.

Simply key in your parameters and up to 5 of your competitors on eBay and we will alert you when you need to make an alteration to your price.

This feature is part of our Platinum Plus package.

Have a look at the video to see just how easy it is to get started.

We also have a new video on how to reduce your eBay defects by making use of Scarcity Managers eBay Email Autoresponder.
That is a unique feature that we have on offer that can help to reduce your defects and negative feedback by reaching out to your customers after a sale. You can program it to send the emails when you like.

If you have not yet made use of our Supplier Repricer, that is a feature added with our Platinum Plus Plan that is not billable. So check that out if you haven’t as yet, it is supported for many popular suppliers.

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