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I have a Multi-variation listing (MVL) item on eBay, however it is not giving me the MVL field option to fill in?

Normally the listing should load properly along with the variations to SM. However if you find that it hasn't, and the MVL field is missing, delete that listing from SM, then refresh the listings.
As per the screenshot example:
That is the refresh listing button:
*Note that you are only allowed to press this button at most TWICE a day, as eBay places limits on the number of calls we are permitted to make to their API. So only use it when you need to.




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I have filled in the value in the percentage field for the Dynamic Supplier Re: Pricer, however it hasn't done anything yet?

Please note that the prices are updated whilst we are checking your supplier stock status. If you have just filled it in, you will need to wait for the next sync to occur. This can be at varying times throughout the day.


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My listing is not updating, please check it out for me.

If you suspect there is a problem with one of your listings, then please always provide me with the following information in order to save time and streamline the process.
1. The item ID of the product - as provided by eBay.
2. The URL of the item

This will save us having to waste time in emailing you back requesting this information.