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How do I fill in the SKU's, are they even required?

1. If you are not drop shipping, you don't need a SKU at all.

2. If you are drop shipping, however it is a simple listing - like one toy found at kmart, you DO need a SKU, however it does not need to match with your eBay listing. It does not even need to match with the SKU that Kmart provides. However it needs something in that field in order to save it and move forward.
You could put "mickey mouse" and it will still work, however we recommend putting something that makes sense. This often means using the SKU or other indentifying code that your supplier has provided. A UPC code - unique product code, or an item code etc. Ultimately, it can be anything you want for a simple stand alone listing.

3. If you are using DSZ - (Drop Ship Zone) then this is an exception and it MUST have the SKU provided by DSZ. Our method of updating this supplier differs from the others so in this case it is imperative that you use the SKU that DSZ provides.

4. If you are using MVL's then the SKU that you key into SM, or that you have already in your ebay listing (as it will be drawn into SM when your account is linked up) that SKU absolutely MUST MATCH. If it does not match, then the MVL's cannot update.
*Please see separate entry in the knowledge base that addresses how to set up MVL's.