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Platinum level Q and A -> Dynamic Supplier Tool

Does the Dynamic Supplier Re: Pricer work with all suppliers?

No, this feature does not work with all suppliers, it is however continually being added to.
You can tell if your supplier is currently supported or not if you can see the price displayed as per this example.


Platinum level Q and A -> Dynamic Supplier Tool

How does the Dynamic Supplier Re: Pricer work?

The Dynamic Supplier Re: Pricer is very straight forward, you simply take the calculation that you have already worked out when loading your listing and put that percentage into the field. So if for example you have already calculated that you need to maintain a profit margin of 30% after factoring in eBay, PayPal and postage fees etc.. then you key '30' into the field. As per example...
*Note, this feature is not supported with all suppliers, please see Q and A that addresses this.