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How do I set up my Multi-variation listings? (MVL's)

Your MVL's will be pulled into SM for you, and you can continue to populate them from there. It is important that the SKU's you have are a match between your eBay listings and the SKU's you set in SM. If you fill in your eBay listing correctly, as stated above, this will be populated for you.

Please see the screenshot of one of our demo MVL's which shows where you can set the SKU's on your ebay listing.

Below, I have put in step by step information on how to set up your MVL's. Please see the screenshot sequence that goes with it:

1. Fill in your main supplier field first with one of your MVL's

2. Open your MVL's

3. Populate your MVL's with the exact URL for each one

*Remember, your SKU's MUST be a match between your eBay listing and SM for it to update correctly.